BarcEmArt has one mission:


to expose emerging artists to anyone who is passionate about creative expression, to make artist expression 'inclusive' not exclusive, to let every person own an original piece of art that corresponds to who they are and the design of their own space..

...to make original artistic expression part of everyone's life

If you are an artist;

poet, musician, dancer, painter, sculptor, animator, photographer, ceramicist, writer, designer, performer...artist... we want to expose you....

On the BarcEmArt website each artist is allowed to present a maximum of 10 examples of their expression, with a corresponding active website link. 

There are no costs to having a page on the BarcEmArt website, and we do not take any percentage of any revenue you make

How we present artists to the local public: 


The first step in linking art and artists to the public is to make sure the local public can see their local artists work. This has been successfully done by other entities, such as Cambridge Open studios in the UK, and Art up Deco in France.


We specifically target locations where people who are interested in art and design routinely go, and advertise this initiative to them there, such  as interior design shops, framing shops, art bars…..

How we interact with artists: 


We either use our private networks, visit artists in their studios, or place advertisements (post cards) in shops that support artists (supplies, framing etc..)

Locations that support Barcemart 

Allum Taller de Marcs

International artists:


Our approach is to keep interactions local, so that the local public can interact with the local artist, and it informs any visitor that the art is accessible and easily purchasable.


For international approaches we are presently liaising with friends around the world to generate additional city or location specific equivalents, and will advertise these intiatives in due process.

Alternatively international artists should feel free to contact us if they want to set one up.

About the founder

Jonathan Dando

Serial entrepreneur (no…this does not mean unemployed), with a passion for art and also social entrepreneurship. Has spent his adult life travelling the world with his job and tries to bring these experiences and lessons learnt to bear on new ventures.