If you are an artist; poet, musician, dancer, painter, sculptor, animator, photographer, ceramicist, writer, designer, performer...artist... we want to expose you.. so you should get in contact

BarcEmArt: what you will need, what we want...

You will need your own dedicated website that presents your expression

(there are many free solutions for this):


Your website must have a contact section to permit disseminators (galleries, theatres, studios, publishers) , or people interested in knowing you or purchasing your art to contact you

On the BarcEmArt website you will be allowed to exhibit 10 examples of your expression (you can have the expressions in a maximum of 2 different categories that reflects your style). 


Each piece will be connected via hyperlink to your website. You will need to let us know which category of art you think your expression correlates to, including defining new ones that may not yet exist.


Prices of your art will not be published on this site; this is something you will need to discuss directly and privately with any visitor who contacts you.

There are no costs to posting your art on the BarcEmArt website (this effort is benevolent), and we will not take any percentage of any sales you make

the only reason for this virtual gallery to exist is to expose emerging artists..

.......and to let the art lover decide