Register as an Emerging Artist

If you are an artist; poet, musician, dancer, painter, sculptor, animator, photographer, ceramicist, writer, designer, performer…artist… we want to expose you.. so you should register.

What you will need and what we want

You will need your own dedicated website that presents your expression (there are many free solutions for this or you can hire a professional web designer).

Artist Profile

On the Barcemart website, you will be allowed to exhibit 5 examples of your expression and make your own customised profile with:

  • a profile and cover picture,
  • biography,
  • contact details,
  • links to social media,
  • and other relevant information.

You will need to let us know which category of art you think your expression correlates to, including defining new ones that may not yet exist.

Artists’ Homepage Exhibition Space

After you have registered and filled in your profile, we will create a special and curated exhibition space, based on your input and cooperation. You will need to create a title and some text about your exhibition.  You will then be fully exposed on the homepage in the Artists’ Galleries section.

Prices of your art will not be published on this site; this is something you will need to discuss directly and privately with any visitor who contacts you.

There are no costs to posting your art on the Barcemart website (this effort is benevolent), and we will not take any percentage of any sales you make the only reason for this virtual gallery to exist is to expose emerging artists.

…….and to let the art lover decide

How to make the most of your exposure here

  • Make sure you upload high-quality photographs of your work with good lighting and colours. This will help your work stand out. If you can, hire a professional photographer.
  • Try to provide quality information about your work and yourself to present you in the best possible light to the interested parties.
  • Choose one collection or a part of your work which goes well together.

Fill in the registration form